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Denoiser with level controlled filter for single ended Noise Reduction

The U788 Denoisers are single-ended noise reduction systems. Low-level instrument noise can be removed or reduced effectively. The Denoiser is also useable if the application of a noise gate or expander is not effective or is not possible at all.

The U788 has balanced and floating inputs and outputs and is available in electronically balanced and transformer balanced versions. All inputs and outputs can process levels up to +30dBu. An internally balanced circuit is used for the entire audio chain and the internal Headroom from input to output is also +30 dBu.

The device fades out high frequency disturbances by a voltage controlled filter. The threshold fader with a range from -70 to -30 dB determines the level range of the regulation. If the level falls under the opposed value, the Denoiser cuts the frequency band. The selectable frequency range is between 200Hz and 6kHz. The lower the level drops under the threshold, the more the filter has an effect. The attack is not adjustable and is fixed to a fast value of 0.1 msec. The release is adjustable between 60ms and 1.5 seconds.

An LED chain with 8 diodes shows the momentary frequency attenuation of the filter. The switch DNOISE-ON turns on the unit.

The U788 is a mono, sinlge-slot V700 standard module that fits into V700 shop wired standard frames.

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