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Stereo Monitor Controller with Headphone Amplifier

The monitor controller of the V700 system, W760, provides efficient and simple management of the control room systems.

The module is equipped with a volume control, a balance control and additional level controls for PFL and the integrated headphone amplifier. Several switches make possible the muting of all the speakers, the reversal of left and right and the phase in the right channel, the mono control of the signal and the insertion of a pfl signal.

The inputs and outputs are balanced and floating and equipped with oversized torodial transformers. An electronically balanced version is also available. The inputs can operate levels of + 30 dBu. Normally the inputs of the monitor controller are connected to the output of a control select cross bar matrix. Of course, any other connection is possible.

The Balance Control makes it possible to shift the center of the stereo base of the control room speakers and is calibrated in 10 % steps. The 100 % positions of the control cut off the left or the right channel. The Volume is controlled by a calibrated rotary pot or - as an option - by a 21 position stepper switch. The volume control is calibrated in dB-SPL. At 92 dB the overall gain is 0 dB. The L<>R switches reverses both of the stereo channels and the Phase reversal switch works on the right channel. The Cut switch mutes all the speaker systems but not the headphone output. The Alt switch selects an alternate speaker system. A Mono matrix, which can be adjusted to 3 or 6 dB operation mode by an internal jumper is activated by the MONO switch.

The headphone amplifier is well suited for every existing headphone and its volume is controlled by an additional pot that determines the level offset between the main volume control and the headphone. The headphone is connector through the phone jack on the top plate of the W760 monitor controller.

The selection of the PFL signal, (which can be supplied on a separate input), takes place either via the PFL switch or via a control signal, which is separated by an opto coupler, in this case the PFL switch indicates the combination. A potentiometer controls the volume of the PFL signal. In the case of using the PFL as playback controller, a talkback signal can be applied in place of a PFL signal. A Jumper makes it possible to combine the PFL signal on certain channels; with Talkback the original signal is attenuated by 20dB. The DIM circuit is adjustable by a potentiometer between 0 and 24dB. Also here the release can take place either by the DIM key or by a control signal. An opto coupler also electrically isolates this signal; both control signals operate within the range of between 9 volts to approx. 30 volts.

The W760 is a V700 standard device that fits into the standard frame.

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