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HAll prices of the ToolMix analog summing units, the accessories, and the power supply units.

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ToolMix analog Summing Gear and Accessories
ToolMix8 analog Summing Box with 8 Inputs, Insert and Aux Sends
Line Outputs post Fader not installed
(Upgrade is possible at the factory)
€ 2350.00
ToolMix8L analog Summing Box with 8 Inputs, Insert and Aux Sends
Line Output post Fader installed
€ 2490.00
-TM8/L-Out additional balanced Line Outputs post Fader f. ToolMix8
Upgrade for ToolMix8, incl. installation at the factory, excl. of shipping
€ 320.00
ToolMix16 Summing Mixer with 16 Mono Inputs € 2350.00
ToolMix32 Stereo Summing Box with 16 Stereo Inputs € 2650.00
ToolMst Master- and Monitor-Controller € 2980.00
Docking 1 Docking Cable for ToolMix and ToolMst Units, 0.3 m / 1 ft. € 85.00
Docking 2 Docking Cable for ToolMix and ToolMst Units, 0.6 m / 2 ft. € 92.00
Docking 4 Docking Cable for ToolMix and ToolMst Units, 1.2 m / 4 ft. € 99.00
ToolPwr Netzgeräte und Netzteilkabel
ToolPwr-M Power Supply Unit for 2 to 3 1U high Units, Table Top Version € 210.00 
ToolPwr-MP 2U 19" Face-plate with fixing Parts for ToolPwr-M € 22.50 
ToolPwr-MB Brackets for fixing in a Rack for ToolPwr-M € 12.00 
ToolPwr-S Power Supply Unit 2U, 19", for 4 to 6 1U high Units € 395.00 
ToolPwr-E Power Supply Unit 2U, 19", for 8 to 12 1U high Units € 590.00 
Cable 10 Power Cable, 3 m / 10 ft., 5-pin XLR € 36.00 
Cable 5 Power Cable, 1.5 m / 5 ft., 5-pin XLR € 33.00 
Cable 1 Power Cable, 30 cm / 1 ft., 5-pin XLR € 30.00 



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