adt-audio Toolunits - the 16 Channel Summing Box

THE 16 CHANNEL Multi Purpose Mixing Box

The TOOLMIX 16 is a 16-channel summing box with sixteen mono line inputs and a stereo output. Every input has a peak indicator, a PFL and a CUT switch and level and pan controls. The unit can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with TOOL-MST. TOOLMIX8 and TOOLMIX16 units are both compatible with the TOOLMST.

With the TOOL series, adt-audio has created a set of audio tools that were specifically aimed at the DAW user. As always our modular, system approach resulted in sensibly engineered products that have multiple applications, and expandable systems with almost infinite growth possibilities.

Our more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of very high quality analog mixing consoles went into the development of these units, a lot of the design features come directly from our 5MT large format console range, and from our INTEGRATOR module range.

In fact, processing modules (equalizers, compressors, mic amps etc.) from our INTEGRATOR series can be used seamlessly with the TOOL modules to build a complete and fully functional mixing console.
More information on the processing modules is available in the INTEGRATOR section.

Our TOOLMIX rack mountable units offer a host of real world control over connectivity, routing, and mixing features and possibilities with impeccable sonic performance. Every part of the system was designed and manufactured to the highest standards and delivers the same quality you would expect from a full-scale analog console.

Toolmix Line Mixer - detailed View The Master Section:

The internal master section makes it possible to use the module as a stand alone unit. Master amplifiers for the stereo output and the two aux masters are integrated as well as a PFL master.

The stereo output is normally calibrated. The FDR ON switch inserts the master level control that allows additional gain of 12 dB. If the mixer is used with a ToolMst device, this control can be used like a subgroup master fader.

The two aux masters a calibrated and available on ¼"- TRS connectors.

The PFL Section:

PFL operates always in adding mode. The PFL master is available as separate output and can be automatically switched to the main stereo output. The PFL TO O/P switch enables that function. PFL mode is indicated by a higher intensity of the PFL LED.

The Input Section:

The TOOLMIX16 is the sixteen channel mixing unit of the adt-audio TOOL system. It was designed from the ground up to be as transparent as possible and therefore boasts exceptional headroom, low noise noise-floor and crosstalk figures. Each channel features an output rotary fader, a pan pot, and a tri-color LED peak meter. The addition of a mute and PFL switch make this the perfect mixer for any line level operation.

Calibrated Operation of the Summing Box:

Using the device as an output adder of a DAW system, it can be advantageous to set the levels in the DAW system, as the automation system can be used. The Toolmix16 makes both operation modes possible as the input gain control, the pan pot and the level control have calibrated 0 dB positions.

Stand alone or coupled Operation:

Actually, there is no difference in the operation of the device when it is connected to a Toolmst device. All the local outputs and the master functions are still available. The only difference is that the outputs of the line mixer are additionally mixed into the busses of the Toolmst device. With stand alone mode, the summing box can be used to extend the facilities of an existing console as a sub mixer or, it can be used as a keyboard mixer. The possibilities are endless.

Power Supply Unit ToolPwr

Power Supply:

Two versions of the external power supply unit TOOLPWR are available. The standard version can supply up to 6 mixer units and a Toolmst device. Toolpwr version 'E' has a higher capacity and can supply up to 4 additional Toolkit channel strip units or up to 6 additional mix units.