Power Supply Units for Tool Units

The high capacity Power Supply Unit

At a glance, the high capacity version of the ToolPwr series is not different from the ToolPwr-S, since it uses the same 2U high 19" format. However, the ToolPwr-E has a larger heatsink, stronger transformer and voltage regulators and filter capacitors of higher capacity. ToolPwr-E can deliver a peak output current of 7 ampere, which is sufficient to suppy a minium of 8 ToolMod 1U high frame or other 1U high pro audio devices.

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ToolPwr E

Like ToolPwr-S the ToolPwr-E is a rack-mounted, 2U high 19" unit. It can be used with all 'Tool' pro audio devices by adt-audio.

ToolPwr-E delivers a balanced +/- 25 V supply for the audio section and a 48 V phantom power. The load current of the audio power is 4 A, the peak output current is 7 A.

Details on the current consumption of the different Tool devices, and notes how to determine the right power supply for a particular unit or system are HERE.

The nominal power of the ToolPwr-E is 450 VA. The mains voltage can be 230 V or 115V. The voltage selector is located on the rear panel next to the Euro mains power inlet. The output voltages is available on two 5-pin xlr connectors in parallel. HERE is the pinning of the standard power connectors used with all Tool devices.

The dimensions of unit are 483 mm / 19" x 88 mm / 3.46" / 2U (faceplate width x height ). The depth of the housing, without attached plugs is 210 mm / 8.25". The weight of the ToolPwr-E is 10 kg / 22 lbs.

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    How to determine the right power supply unit? 
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    Output pinning

This picture above shows the output connectors in detail,
below is the rear view of the ToolPwr E

Price: € 590.00
exclusive of VAT and Shipping
The Reasons for the separate Power Supply Units

Of course, we know that external power supply units are not very popular from the users point of view. The reason why we have designed the Tool devices without integrated power supply is simple. Considering the power range of approx. 30 W for a single 1U high unit, the resulting price of the power supply section is the same as for a power supply that can be used for 2 or 3 units. In the range from 30 to 100 W the price of a power supply changes only in the range of some Euros. One of the reasons is that the necessary components to comply with the CE rules and similar regulations in other countries are identical for a power up to several 100 W. In addition, almost all electronic components are the same up to an output power in the range of 100 W. Raising the output power from 30 W to 100 W will only alter the price of the transformer, which does not matter in relation to the total price.

As far as the Tool devices are concerned this means that the external power supply unit is less expensive than included power supplies. Using one power supply for 2 or 3 units leaves the price of the power supply unit unchanged, while internal power supplies would raise the price of each unit in the range of the price of a single power supply.

ToolPwr E Rear View
The top view of the ToolPwr-E shows the larger heatsink:
ToolPwr E Total view


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