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Stereo Noise Gate with High-Pass, Low-Pass, and Band-Pass Filter

An extremely fast Stereo Noise-Gate that does not alter the sound. Criticle signals can be treated without problems. The U763 has independent controls for all parameters and a high-pass, low-pass, and band-pass filter in the side chain.

The Mono Version of the Noise Gates is The U762. Mono and stereo versions have the some control elements.

The U763 stereo noise-gate has either transformer balanced and floating or electronically balanced inputs and outputs. All inputs and outputs can process levels up to +30dBu. An internally balanced circuit is used for the entire audio chain and the internal Headroom from input to output is +30dBu. Inputs and outputs are available in electronically balanced and transformer balanced versions. The audio path of the devices is implemented in stereo. The gate is controlled from the stereo channel with the highest momentary level.


  • Infinitely variable threshold, attack and release controls with wide ranges
  • Precision Peak Detector
  • Adjustable Hold control
  • Adjustable Range control
  • Adjustable and selectable High-pass and Low-pass filters with range multipliers
  • Adjustable and selectable band-pass filter
  • Look ahead operation for very fast linear operation
  • External Key input
  • 10 Segment LED gain reduction meter with 80dB range

The operating condition of the gate is indicated by three light-emitting diodes OPEN, HOLD and CLOSED.

The high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters can be inserted in the side chain.

The high-pass and low-pass filters have a slope steepness of 12dB/octave, the low-pass ranges from <20Hz to 300Hz, and the high-pass ranges from > 20kHz to 2kHz. Both ranges can be extended by the switches x10 and x0.1 around the factor 10; this increases the high pass range down to 3kHz and increases the low-pass range up to 200Hz.

In contrast to high-pass and low-pass filters the band-pass filter with Q control selects an adjustable center frequency. The band-pass filter has a range of 60Hz to 12kHz and the Q factor is 2 octaves. With the band-pass filter the gate can be tuned to an extremely narrow frequency band for more precise triggering.

The LISTEN TO SIDE-CHAIN control allows you to monitor the side-chain, when this switch is pressed; the input of the side chain is put on the output of the device. The Key input allows the possible control of the gate by an external audio signal.

The U762 universal Noise-Gate modules are standard V700 1 slot modules and fit into standard mounting frames.

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