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Stereo Line Eingangsverstärker with 2 Stereo Inputs, Gain and Balance Control, and, High-Pass Low-Pass Filter

The V764 is a stereo amplifier for line level signals with two changeover stereo inputs, gain and balance regulation and channel source selection. The unit also has high-pass and low-pass filters and a stereo peak meter.

The stereo amplifier has either tranformer balanced or electronically balanced inputs and outputs. The entire audio chain employs symmetric circuitry, and the headroom level from input to output is +30dBu. The mutually releasing electoral switches INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 can select two different stereo-input signals. The chosen stereo input signal is routed through the unit by 4 switches. The switch L switches off the right input channel and puts the left input channel on both channels. The switch R proceeds in the same manner with the right input signal. If both switches are pressed at the same moment, the input channels are exchanged. The switch MONO converts both input signals to a mono signal. The switch Ø R reverses the phase in the right channel. The phase rotation takes place before the mono matrix. The gain range is ± 20dB. An additional balance control makes possible the balance of level differences between both stereo channels with a range of ± 10dB.

The switch FILT turns on stereo high-pass and low-pass filters. Both filters have a slope of 12dB per octave. The low-pass filter has a range from >20kHz to 2kHz. The high pass filter has a range from <20Hz to 300Hz.

Two 3-element LED chain indicate the output level. The device is implemented with four inputs and two outputs.

The V764 stereo amplifier is a standard V700 module, and fits into standard mounting frames.

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