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Surround Joystick Panorama Module for Mono and Stereo Signals

The W751 is designed for V700 console frames or custom build frames and cannot be used in standard frames.

A 4 channel joystick panorama controller for use with mono and stereo input signals .

The operation with mono or stereo input signals is possible. If a mono signal is used both of the stereo inputs must be connected.

2 controls determine the position of the stereo input signal in the surround room. The joystick panorama regulates the 3 front channels and the surround channel. The setting of the divergence control determines the operation of the joystick as far as the front channels are concerned. If the divergence control is at its center position, only the left and right channels are driven.

The center channel is driven by a mono signal that is produced by an integrated matrix that sums the input signal L and R. Setting the divergence control all to the right changes the regulation in that way that at the front center position of the joystick all front channels are on and driven with a level of 0 dB. Setting the joystick all to the front left leaves the left channel unchanged, center and right channels are muted. On the way from the front center position to the left, the right channel and the center channel are faded continously down. Setting the divergence control all to the left changes this principle. At the front center position of the joystick only the center channel is driven . All to the left again only the left channel is driven.

The front/surround function is implemented by moving the joystick from front to rear. while the front channels L, C and R are faded down and the level of the surround channel is increased. The attenuation at the center position is 3 dB.

An additional control is used to drive the LFE channel. This control operates like an auxiliary send. Like the center channel the LFE is driven with a mono signal. The calibrated control operates independent of all the other controls.

The inputs and outputs of the surround joystick are electronically balanced. Addtional zero ohm current outputs for the direct connection to V700 Bus rails are also implemented.

The W751 joystick panorama is a half deep cassette for use in V700 console frames only.

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