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Balance Control with Stereo Input and 4-Channel LCRS-Surround Output

The W746 is designed for V700 console frames and custom frames and does not fit into standard frames.

Balance Control with

  • Stereo Input, and
  • 4-Channel, LCRS Surround Output

The LCR Bal controls the 3 front channels L, C, and R and the surround channel SL and SR. The regulation of the front channels depends on the setting of the Divergence control. With Divergence at -100 %, all to the left, the front channels are faded from 'left only' when all to the left to 'mono from center only' when at center and to 'right only', when all to the right. In this case, the LCR pan works like two combined standard pan pots for left to center and center to right. With the DIV control all to the right, the control law of the LCR pan changes to 'Left Only' when all to the left to 'Left, Mono from Center, and Right at 0 dB' at the center to 'Right only' when all to the right. At the center position of the divergence control, the center channel is muted and the LCR pan operates like a normal balance control with the left and right channels only. The divergence control alters the width of the signal on the front channels in the range from all to the left to center. In the range from center to the right, it adds the mono signal to center.

The Front-Surround-Pan determines the relation between the 3 front channel and the surround channel that is driven by the output signal of the mono matrix. In the 100 % Front position, the surround channel is muted, while the 3 front channels are muted in the 100 % Surround position. The center attenuation is 3 dB for all channels.

The controls are rotary pots with 21 steps.

Inputs and outputs are electronically balanced. Additional outputs for V700 zero ohm bus rails are installed. These outputs allow direct mixing without additional gear using the bus amps and master amplifiers of the V700 system.

The W746 Surround Balance Control is a half high, half deep V700 module for console frames and custom-build frame that does not fit into V700 standard frames.

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