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Power Amplifier for PFL and Talkback

The V773 is a power amplifier with two inputs and 10 watts output power for PFL and talkback speakers.

The PFL Amplifier is fitted with two balanced and floating inputs and a performance output and can process input levels up to +30dBu in the frequency range.

The V773 PFL Amplifier serves as a power amplifier with a power output of 3 watts for the control of command and PFL loudspeakers. Both inputs are provided with a level control and a release switch. A high low-pressure area equalizer with in each case ± 15 dB range serves for the adaptation of the frequency range for the applied loudspeaker. A volume control regulates the level to the output stage.

The output stage has a maximum performance of 10 watts and can be limited to 3 watts. This limits the current admission of the device to a value that can be supplied with a full slow-acting assembly by the power supply of the frame. The device has two inputs and a performance output for 4 or 8 ohms loudspeaker systems.

The V773 PFL Amplifier is a standard V700 module and fits into V700 mixer frames.

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