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Master Amplifier with rotary Fader, Cut and PFL Switch

The V771 is a master amplifier with integrated rotary master fader, cut switch and PFL switch. The amplifier is best suited for aux and cue sends. The input is adapted to the balanced bus rails of the V700 standard.

The master amplifier has a balanced output that can be implemented electronically or transformer balanced. The input is an electronically balanced zero ohm port, compatible with the balanced bus rails of the V700 pro audio module system. The headroom of the entire unit is + 30 dBu.

The V771 can serve as master amplifier for any bus rails. In difference to the V775, a rotary master fader, cut switch and PFL switch are included, which makes this module best suited as master amplifier for aux sends or for any other purpose that requires a basic control of the master output level.. The PFL switch matches V700 standard as far as the PFL audio outputs and the control output are concerned. Internal jumpers allow configuring the PFL pre or post master fader.

The master amplifer is a mono device with one zero ohm input and one output.

The V771 is a half-high, short depth V700 module. It is designed for use in V700 console frames or custom build frames and cannot be used in V700 standard frames.

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