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Talkback Input Amplifier with 8 Inputs and Threshold Switches

The U715 makes it possible to mix 8 command signals onto a single output. There are separate level pots for each input, plus an adjustable master level. In combination with the power amplifier V773 and the talkback module U712, complete talkback systems that offer a host of options and facilities can be assembled.

The module has a symmetric ground-free circuit and can process signal levels up to +22dBu.

All 8 inputs are balanced and floating, with a nominal input level of +6dBu and an adjustable range between -20dB and +10dB. Internal jumpers set the manual or automatic mode of operation for the selection of inputs and selection switches individually. Switches can operate in either pressure or locking modes manually. A threshold switch can be set to automatically activate the switches. The level and release parameters for the threshold switch are internally set, the level ranges between -30dB and -10dB. A 24V control signal on an Opto-coupler offers yet another choice of for automatically selecting the input. The level of the output signal is regulated by a potentiometer and is available balanced and floating. It is possible to extend the system by connecting several U715's together.

The U715 is a standard V700 fader module and fits into mixer mounting frames.

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