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Talkback Module with build in Microphone, Limiter and 8 Outputs

A talkback module with an internal microphone, external microphone input, a command amplifier and an extendable output distributor with 8 switched outputs.

The input for the external microphone is balanced and floating, and can be supplied with phantom power. An internal jumper is used to select whether the internal microphone, the external microphone or both microphones are used. If both are used, a trim-pot adjusts the level balance between the two.

The adjustable gain ranges between 30 to 60dB. An internal jumper can be used to activate a limiter with adjustable threshold, which provides a constant output level. All necessary features for a fully featured talkback module exist in this device.

The 9 available outputs of the talkback module are balanced and floating, and separate switches are used to select 8 of the outputs. Internal jumpers are also used to select if switches operate in pressure or locking mode. In addition, it is possible to remotely operate the unit using a control signal on a ground-free contact; this signal will also trigger the lamp of every selected switch. The color and inscription of the switch cap is implemented according to customer's information. Extending the system with additional switch modules is also possible.

The U712 talkback module is suitable for installation in V700 mixer frames. Installation in standard mounting frames is possible with an extender Carte. All additional control, input and output connectors that are not available on standard mounting frames can be placed on a blind plate adapter.

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