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Distribution Switch Module and
Output Matrix with 16 Outputs

The S730 Output Matrix is a universally usable relay cross rail with one stereo input and 16 switched stereo outputs. Each of the 16 switches controls two symmetric audio paths and an additional ground-free contact.

Internal jumpers can be used to set the mode of operation for each switch individually.

1) The output is active as long as the associated switch is pressed.

2) When pressed, the switch is locked on and the output is active when pressed once.

3) Pressing a switch that is part of a group of mutually releasing switches, mutes allother keys. The key remains active, until it or another key from the group is pressed.

All outputs are deactivated when the output matrix unit is initially turned on.

Extension connections facilitate the interconnection of switch and output groups with two or more S730 modules. The color and the inscription of the switch caps on the modules are based on customer's information.

The S730 output matrix is suitable for installation in V700 mixer frames. An installation in V700 standard frames is not intended. Mechanically the out matrix fits in a standard frame, however, the wiring must be adapted.

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