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Distribution Module for Console Channels with Sends, Pan-Pot, Solo and Group Select

This distribution module is used exclusively in the channel chains of mixing console arrangements and contains several functional areas. The sends (Aux, Cue etc), the solo in place function, a peak meter as well as the pan pot and the selection switches for masters and groups are all contained in this module. The S721 distribution module is custom manufactured, all features and equipment are included according to the particular needs of the customer. Therefore, this description of the distribution module should serve only as a general example of the module.

Including the functional groups illustrated here, the module can also contain elements of an inline channel. According to needs or requests the functions can be placed on several separate distribution modules.


The type, number and equipment of the distribution are freely eligible for election. The S721 is equipped with 4 mono sends AUX 1 to AUX to 4 and a Stereo Cue. The cue send is implemented with a Level and a Pan pot.

Switch functions

Integrated into the distribution module are solo in place and PFL circuits that operate seamlessly with the fader modules in a mixer arrangement. A LOC (al) switch on the fader module blocks the solo function for the respective channel. If the solo rail is activated, all channels not selected are automatically muted. Solo switches can be operated in an adding or releasing mode. In the releasing mode of operation, the previously soloed channel is muted when another channel’s solo button activated so that only one channel at a time is in solo status. Independent of the mode of operation, it is possible to block or reinstate the solo function with the solo off or solo reset switches respectively. These central functions are located in the master section of the module.

Peak meter

A 3-LED, peak-level meter that can be used at any point in the audio chain is included and indicates the - 20dB, 0dB and +20dB thresholds. A multiplicity of versions is possible.

Pan pot

The Pan pot is a normal version with 3dB center pads for the integration of a mono source in a stereo panorama. The type of pan pot used depends on the output formats of the module, (stereo, 4-channel, 5.1 or 7.1), and the type of input channels (mono or stereo or both) used in the mixer system.

Master select

The master select of the distribution module makes it possible to select the stereo master for MIX as well as the stereo, audio groups 1 to 8. The actual configuration of the distribution module depends on the number of the masters and groups and the format of the separate masters.

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