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Distribution Amplifier with four independent outputs with separate level controls.

The V784 distribution amplfiers has 4 entirely independent outputs, each with a gain control with +/- 10 dB range. Separate transformers and driver amplifiers for each outputs allow operation free from backlash. Even if one or more outputs are shorted, the other outputs remains unchanged.

The distribution amplifier has one transformer balanced input and 4 transformer balanced outputs, each with its own output transformer. The headroom of the entire device is more than + 30 dBu. Due to adt-audio's double-balanced principle, the internal headroom is also + 30 dBu and the dynamic range, referred to 0 dB gain, is 130 dBRMS.

The V784 is used as distribution amplifier, when a signal has to be distributed to up to four inputs or lines, if it is necessary that the distribution has to be reactionless. The separate output transformers and output driver amplifiers maintain operation free from any reaction on load or even shortage of the outputs to other outputs or the input. The level controls allow independent adjustment of the output levels of each output in the range of +/- 10 dB. With + 6 dBu input level, the commonly used nominal levels of + 9 dBu and + 15 dBu are covered.

The module has one input and four outputs.

The V784 distribution amplifier is a 1 slot V700 standard module that can be installed in standard V700 frames.

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