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Present your Audio Studio on our Website

If you own an adt-audio mixing console, you have the opportunity to present your studio and your console on your own page on our website. This service is open to all owner of adt-audio consoles and it is not limited to a particular series, size, version, or age.

How it works

You provide us with photis of your studio, your logo, graphics, contact information an a description of your studio, what you are doing, your references and whatever else you consider as important and appropriate. Your information should demonstrate your entire studio and not only your console.

We are planning to finish and upload the first pages within the next months. If you are interested in this service or if you have any questions. please get in touch HERE or call us: 0049 2043 51061

Hints and Limitations

The service is free. We do not charge any kind of fee. The service is limited to owners of adt-audio consoles. We may discontinue the service at any time without stating the reason. We may also refuse a submission without stating the reason. We are expressly allowed to remove a page from our server if we find out that the customer is involved in illegal, immoral, or criminal activities.

The customer grants us the right to use the provided information material, like photos, graphics, text, etc. for his webpage on our server without any kind of fee for an unlimited time automatically with the transmission of his material. Furthermore, the customer expressly confirms that he owns the copyright of all provided material and that he is responsible for every claim of a third party regarding to rights on the material. We are expressly allowed to remove the customer's page from our server right away if we become involved in any kind of dispute. Since we are not able to verfiy who owns the copyright of the material, we refuse any responsibility for consequencies of the publication of the material on our websites.

If the customer does not have an own website we offer to use the wegpage we have made using the provided material for his own site. We will carge our own cost as a one time fee. On request we can also establis the entire domain according to his specification. If you are interested in this kind of service, please let us know.


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