Surround Console SCR51 detailed Infos here
DIRECTOR - the Modular Surround Controller
Every Feature required for Surround is included
Upgrade of Stereo Consoles or stand alone
Surround Mastering Versions
Excellent Audio Quality
Modular and expandable
Designed primarily for the needs of surround sound mastering and production, the adt-audio DIRECTOR surround controller system will provide complete panning, routing and control of all formats up to, and including 5.1 for any console or DAW system.

Director will manage several input sources and route outputs effortlessly, creating an efficient production environment. With its exceptional audio quality, flexible routing and down mix capabilities DIRECTOR is a powerful solution for studios and production facilities. The modular construction makes it possible to upgrade and expand the system easily.
The Director Remote Units

In connection with the surround Direction mixer DIMENSIONS, and the surround mastering dynamics processor DYNAROUND, the unit can form the complete controller and mastering solution for all audio formats up to and including 5.1.

The adt-audio surround controller can be used for the extension of an existing stereomixer or DAW system to provide 5.1-format mixes, or as a stand-alone mastering console with complete routing and monitor control features. The unit has two main elements, a 9U main rack that contains all input, output and routing, all operating elements are constructed as modules that are inserted into the main frame. The second element is the remote rack that provides total control of all features. All of the control elements are 190x40mm modules; the remote rack can be inserted into most mixers. Alternatively, installation into a small mixing desk housing is possible. In connection with the adt-audio V700 audio modules , complete custom mixing arrangements can also be constructed, with DIRECTOR as the heart of the console. Additional inputs can extend the controller to provide extended mixing capabilities. The monitor path can be fitted with optional switch and filter functions and additional monitor outputs. Interfaces for external extensions exist for both the monitoring and the audio master chain. There are also special connections to integrate the monitoring, PFL and DIM functions of the existing mixer.

Total View of the 9U high Director Main Frame