DIRECTOR - the Modular Surround Controller System

Remote Section - no Optons installedComponents

The standard version of the system includes all modules that are necessary for the basic operation without options. All audio inputs and outputs are electronically balanced. A separate, rackmountable power supply unit, main input and master amplifier, stereo pre-matrix, insert module with special insert points for DIMENSIONS and DYNAROUND, and INS-A, master fader, output matrix and output driver, monitor control with selection for internal masters, two 6-channel sources and four 2-channel sources, meter send, PFL, down-mix matrix, monitor fader an output amplifier. All units (standard and optional) are connected to their respective remote control device with a 3 m long cable.

All optional operating modules include a remote control unit with a 3 m long cable:

  • CUT-SOLO-UNIT Remote unit an Plug In Card
  • FILTER (Control Room Section, X or -X Filter
  • Remote Cassette Control Room Select Extension *)
  • SELECT-EXTENSION Relay Board - 2 x 6 Channel *)
  • SELECT-EXTENSION Relay Board - 2 x 2 *)
  • EXT-INE-IN 6 Channel Remote Unit and Plug In Card **)
  • EXT-JOYSTICK Remote Unit and Plug In Card *)
  • EXT-INSERT Plug In Card for 1 x 6 Channel Insert (electronically balanced or balanced-floating) *)
  • EXT-FRAME - 19" Extention Frame
  • *) 19" Extention Frame required

**) 19" Extention Frame required with more than a total of 2 additional input units

Director 9U high Main Frame
Mechanical Construction

All the operating electronics and connectors of the Director system are installed in a 9U high, rack mountable frame. As described in the text, slots for optional equipment are always exisiting. If the particular modules are not installed, blind plugs and blind panels are installed in these slots.

The power supply unit is not installed in the 9U high main frame but a separate, 3U high, rack mounted device. A 3 meter cable for the connection main-frame - power supply unit is included. Failsafe power supply systems are possible using a second power supply unit and a cross device.

All connectors and controls, like trim-pots, etc. are mounted on the front panels of the respective modules. The main frame can either be mounted with the connector side at the front (for easy access), or at the rear of the rack. The removeable and adjustable rack-mount brackets that can be mounted on either end of the frame facilitate this. An available securtiy scrren with cable guit can also be used to hide the unts.

The operating modules are connected to the remote modules with separate control cables that do not carry audio signals. With the exception of the bass redirector, which is a double wide module, the size of all remote control devices is 190 mm x 40 mm with a mounting depth of only 60 mm including connected, but without attached cable. The module have a 3 mm thick, front panel and can be adapted for front plates and mounting frame up to 7 mm thick. Therefore, installation is possible almost anywhere without further modification.The diemnsions of the modules allow installation in the fader area as well as in the computer remote section of any adt-audio console. Since all modules are constructed individually, devices can be ordered separately. All remote units of the Director system can also be delivered in adt-audio's V700 module format

Main frame and extension frame:
9U high, standard 19" rack mountable frame, 483 mm wide, 400 mm deep

Power Supply:
3U high standard 19" rack mountable frame, 483 mm wide, 300 mm deep