DIRECTOR - the Modular Surround Controller System

Block Diagram od the Director Mix ChainThe Master Insert Section

The master insert section has connections for three 6-channel processing devices. Two additional inserts already exist in the remote control unit. To activate these additional inserts, the extention frame with two insert plug in boards are required. All inserts are individually switched into and out of the audio chain.

Two of the insert points are prepared for the surround mastering devices Dimensions and Dynaround. Of course, these insert points can be used for other equipment as well.

The insert point no. 1 is prepared for the 5.1 surround direction control unit DIMENSIONS. It is located pre the master fader. This is a balanced, 6-channel insert point without additional buffer amplifiiers on 25 pin SubD connectors for direct connection of the Dimensions unit. Any other balanced device with matching connections can be installed.
The DIR-ON switch activates this insert.

While the DIR insert is fixed pre fader, the insert section INS-A and DYN can be switched pre or post the master fader. A relay block switches the audio path. Therefore the default position of these inserts can be determined by jumpers to pre or post.

Insert A is an universal insert section with additional input and ouput buffer amplifiers, that can be implemented electronically balanced or transformer balanced. This insert section has separate XLR connectors for all inputs and outputs. It is possible to modify the insert A section to operate with lower zero levels, if the external devices are not able to process the + 30 dBu levels of the Director system. The insert A output is always available on the connectors while the input is switched into the signal path when the INS-A ON swtich is pressed.

The DYN insert is prepared for the Dynaround surround mastering dynamics processor or another external device with balanced inputs and outputs. This insert has no additional buffer amplifiers. It is available on 25 pin SubD connectors. The DYN insert can be switched pre or post the master fader. Like the insert A, the output is always available but the input is only switched into the signal path when the DYN ON switched is pressed.