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This page may be helpful for you, if you are looking for a special TECHNICAL DATA SHEET or BLOCK DIAGRAM. All the Pages of the Integrator System are linked below.


Monitor Controller W760
expandable Mixer C41 Cascade
LED Peakmeter I12
Patch Bay Module I14
expandable Select Module I21
Playback Talkback Device I26
Base Width Control I31
Stereo Fader Unit I38
DI Amp I42
Stereo Line Amp I43
Transformer Micpre I46
discrete Mic Amp I47
Master Section in Stereo Master Module I52
Input in Stereo Master Module I52
Master in Surround Master Module I55
Input in Surround Master Module I55
discrete Micpre I57
Control Room Unit I61b
Surround Monitor Unit I62
5.1 Input Module I63
Stereo Selector I64
Surround Select Unit I65
Input Module Mono I66
Surround Module Mono I67
Stereo Input Module I68
Surround Module Stereo I69
Optical Compressor I71
DI Input I72
Stereo Preamplifier I73
Compact EQ I74
Compact Micpre I76
RMS Compressor I77
Brick-wall Limiter I78
Compact Gate I79
5 Band Equalizer I83
Mono Equalizer I85
Stereo Equalizer I86
Voice Equalizer I88
Soft Compressor- I91
Stereo Peak Limiter - I92
Voice Compressor - I93
Dynamics Processor I94
Mono Dynamic Unit I95
Stereo Dynamic Unit I96
Dynamics Module I97
Mono Peak Limiter I98
Noise Gate with Filters I99

Patch Bay
Playback Unit with Talkback
M/S Direction Mixer
DI Amplifier
Stereo Master Unit - Master
Stereo Master Unit - Input
Monitor Control Module
Surround Input Module
5.1 Select Module
Mono Input Module
Mono Surround Module
Stereo Surround Module
Stereo Input Amplifier
Mic Preamplifier
Voice EQ
Stereo Limiter
Dynamic Processor
Stereo Compressor Expander
Dynamics Unit
Fast Peak Limiter
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