Rear View Master and Monitor Controller ToolMst - Analog Summing Gear ToolMix
The rear panel of a ToolMst with the connectors for power supply and the ground terminal, the xlr outputs of the stereo master, and the 6 D-Sub connectors for audio inputs-and outputs, the couple port for linking the unit to other ToolMix devices, the console connector for the integration of the device with an external mixing console and the remote connector.
Master and Monitor Controller ToolMst  

detailed Views:   Power Supply   Playback   Summenausgang   Inputs  
Connector Pinnings: Couple Port  Power Supply  XLR  Playback/Talkback  Speaker Outputs  Console-Port  Remote   2-Track 1-4    2-Track 5-8    Stereo Inputs 1-4    Master Insert  

ToolMst Rear View