Monitor Section in Master and Monitor Controller ToolMst - Analog Summing Gear ToolMix
The Control Room Monitor Section of a ToolMst contains the 10 position, auto-releasing source selector for 8 external 2-track sources, the extension input EXT and the main stereo master, switches for mono, left & right reversal and phase reversal of the right channel, the balance control and the volume control. The PFL switch routs the PFL master automatically to the monitor output, when a PFL switch is pressed. The PFL pot allows independing leveling of the PFL master. In addition there is a headphone output with build in amplifier, TRS jack and volume control, as well a second PFL switch that allows independent selection of the PFL auto-switching to headphones and speakers. The output selector with 4 switches and mutual release allows the selection of 4 pairs of speakers. It is completed by a cut switch that mutes all speakers but not the headphone output.
Master and Monitor Controller ToolMst  

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