Rear View ToolMix8 - Analog Summing Gear ToolMix
The picture shows the rear panale of a ToolMix8 analog summing box with the power supply connectors and the ground terminal, the master outputs for the stereo master, the 2 aux masters and the pfl master, the couple ports and the master switch that selects between master and slave mode, and the 4 D-Sub connectors for inputs, insert inputs and outputs and channel outputs.
analog Summing Box ToolMix8 

detailed Views:   Power Supply   Master Outputs   Couple Port/Insert    Input/Output  
Connector Pinnings: Couple Port  Power Supply  XLR  Inputs 1-8  Outputs 1-8  Insert-Inputs 1-8  Insert-Outputs 1-8 

ToolMix8 Rear View