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Control Elements Details and Specials
1 Mic Gain Control Mikrofoneingang
Control Range 24 bis 70 dB
Resistor Load
When using the resistor load feature, the amplifer itself remains unchanged; however, the additional load will reduce the output level of the microphone considerably. Any effects in the sound performance depend only on the microphone and will be different from microphone to microphone.

Capacitive Load
When using the capacitive load, the frequency and phase response of the microphone itself will be altered. The changes depend only on the microphone; the amplifier itselft remains unchanged.

Gain Control Range
DCustom versions of the TM102 with different gain control ranges are available. If high output level micrropones are used, the gain range can be altered to any value down to 0 to 45 dB.

Grounding of the Screening Contact of the Mic Input
By default, the pin 1 of the microphone input female xlr connector is connected to ground. This connection can be opened by a jumper on the module pcb, if this ground causes problems in complex installations with stage boxes, etc..

IMPORTANT NOTE - if the mic input ground is open, the phantom power return is also disconnected. You cannot use the phantom power if the ground is open.

2 Capacitive Load of the Mic Input
Off in the center position
1,5 nF or 4.7 nF
3 Phantom Power (48 V) on
4 Resistor Load of the Mic Input
Off in the center position
600 Ohms or 300 Ohms
5 LINE selects the line input instead of the mic input
6 Phase Reversal
for mic and line input
7 separate Gain Control for the Line Input,
calibrated 0 dB position at center, with center detent
control range +/- 20 dB
8 High-pass filter, control for the lower corner frequency,
control range < 20 Hz to 600 Hz, steepness 24 dB/Okt.
9 Low-pass filter, control for the upper corner frequency,
control range > 20 kHz to 2 kHz, steepness 12 dB/Okt.
10 FILT inserts the high-pass / low-pass filters
11 Peak-present level indicator
3-color LED
Green - level >= - 20 dB
yellow - nominal level
above nominal level, the color changes from yellow to orange and red. The remaining headroom with red color is about 5 dB.