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Mikrofonverstärker mit Übertrager

Control Elements Details and Specials
1 Mic Gain
Control Range 24 to 70 dB
With Pad, the microphone input can also be used with line level signals. The input impedance with pad is 2 kohms.

Grounding of the Screening Contact of the Mic Input
By default, the pin 1 of the microphone input female xlr connector is connected to ground. This connection can be opened by a jumper on the module pcb, if this ground causes problems in complex installations with stage boxes, etc..

IMPORTANT NOTE - if the mic input ground is open, the phantom power return is also disconnected. You cannot use the phantom power if the ground is open.

2 Mic input pad, 24 dB
3 Phantom Power (48 V) on
4 separate Gain Control for the Line Input,
calibrated 0 dB position at center, with center detent
control range +/- 20 dB
5 LINE selects the line input instead of the mic input
6 Phase Reversal
for mic and line input
7 High-pass filter, control for the lower corner frequency,
control range < 20 Hz to 600 Hz, steepness 24 dB/Okt.
8 Low-pass filter, control for the upper corner frequency,
control range > 20 kHz to 2 kHz, steepness 12 dB/Okt.
9 FILT inserts the high-pass / low-pass filters
10 Peak-present level indicator
3-color LED
Green - level >= - 20 dB
yellow - nominal level
above nominal level, the color changes from yellow to orange and red. The remaining headroom with red color is about 5 dB.