Rear View Stereo Summing Box ToolMix32 - Analog Summing Gear ToolMix
The picture shows the rear panel of a stereo summing box ToolMix32 Photo zeigt die Rückwand eines Stereo Summing Boxs ToolMix32 with the power supply connectors, the ground terminal, the master outputs of the stereo master and the pfl master, the couple port connectors and the 4 D-Sub connectors for the 16 stereo inputs.
Stereo Summing Box ToolMix32 

detailed Views:   Power Supply   Master   Couple Port   Inputs  
Connectors Pinning: Couple Port  Power Supply  XLR  Inputs 1-4  Inputs 5-8  Inputs 9-12  Inputs 13-16 

ToolMix32 Rear View